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lunes, 07 de marzo de 2011

VISCOREN. Spectacular acceptance in its presentation at the IFEMA – CLIMATIZACIÓN 2011.

During VISCOREN presentation at the CLIMATIZACIÓN FAIR 2011 (IFEMA), we had the complete acceptance and interest by many manufacturers, distributors, architects and engineer in our VISCOREN material.

VISCOREN has the latest technological aspect consists of a latest viscoelastic product that has exceptional properties in terms of mechanical performance and durability (especially in small charges when other material cannot reach their lower durability levels). Our conditions for insulation systems and machine with excited rotation ( Viscoren ) or machinery that generate energy from impact ( Viscoren Damping ) and exceptional durability conditions (rays, UV, ozon, weather etc) were praised by many of our visitors.
TECNOELASTICA, wants to thank all of them for their enthusiastic response to our products.

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