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Philosophy and history

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TECNOELÁSTICA is today, a company created for us to show a complete different business vision in the future. It is technologically able to do the research of the design, manufacture and the tweaking of the most advanced noise and vibration services.

Company philosophy: Quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

TECNOELÁSTICA as a specialist provider of noise and vibration isolation systems, It has been proposed to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation, creating value for our customers, employees, and society in general through the consistent application of our ethical principles: quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability.


  • We consider every customer as our first customer, helping them to create innovative, safe and rational solution following the principles of trust and care for the environment.
  • We make every effort to minimize our environmental impact and maximize our conservation of land resources by using energy efficient and recyclable materials and also promoting waste reduction and operational improvement.
  • We collaborate with our suppliers to reduce the logistics environmental impact through our supply chain.
  • We build strong relationships with our suppliers technologies suppliers.


TECNOELÁSTICA born in 2011, after a deep restructuring of the AISLATEC CB Company:

After the CB AISLATEC buffer Technical Service purchase in 2001 by Manuel Navarro, we developed with enthusiasm and great work done by the company and also following a great tradition and quality in the development and manufacture of new anti-vibration systems. This it has been recognized and praised for the high quality of its products, present for more than 30 years in the domestic market.

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