Sede Repsol (Madrid)

Repsol Headquarters (Madrid)

The air conditioning installer for this project requests high-performance systems from Tecnoelástica for vibration isolation in all the machinery intended to service the building and installed in different parts of the building.
The chillers work with rotations of 2,940 rpm, and in search of superior performance in this case, Series 440 spring isolators were installed with an average system deflection of 13.6 mm. Natural Frequency of 4.28 Hz. and isolation of 99.23%.

In the case of cooling towers installed on the roof, it was necessary to install dampers with a frequency below 3 Hz. The centrifugal fans have a rotation of 498 rpm, when installing the Series 200 insulators with a deflection of 44 .8mm. They work at a frequency of 2.36 Hz, providing 91.24% insulation to said fans.