Acoustic isolation

The objective of acoustic insulation is to prevent noise generated in an area from being transmitted to adjacent spaces. In the same way, the aim is to prevent noises coming from outside from being transmitted to the interior of an enclosure.

The foundation of Acoustic Insulation is Mass+Spring+Mass. Therefore, it is very important to correctly select the acoustic supports and the materials to be used, as well as scrupulous execution of the installation of the systems.

Maximum performance in your project

It is convenient to distinguish between Acoustic Isolation and Acoustic Conditioning, since Acoustic Conditioning only consists of achieving a uniform degree of acoustic diffusion in all points of an enclosure. This is intended to improve the acoustic sound conditions by increasing the internal acoustic comfort of the premises.

Peace of mind for your client

peace for your business

When carrying out a project, the use for which it will be intended must be taken into account, to distinguish between applying Acoustic Insulation + Acoustic Conditioning, or only one of the two options. For example, in the case of premises intended for Restoration activities (Bars, Restaurants, etc.), Acoustic Isolation is carried out so as not to affect the adjacent rooms and to be able to comply with the relevant regulations, and Acoustic Conditioning, in order to obtain good acoustic comfort inside the premises.

Another example would be that of an Auditorium, in which Acoustic Isolation has the double mission of not emitting noise to the outside, but at the same time that external noise does not enter the premises, and of course, good Acoustic Conditioning allows so that the interlocutor can be heard perfectly anywhere in the room.

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