Anti-Impact Sheet FRC.2102

Sheet for impact noise insulation made of rubber and cork agglomerate to install under laminate flooring .

Advantages offered by the product:

  • High durability and long-term resistance.
  • Increases the thermal insulation of the floor.
  • Recycled and sustainable product.
  • Easy to handle and install.

Standard supply format: 1m x 10m x 2mm rolls.

Más información

Material Characteristics

Performance ΔLw: 19 dB.
Reduction of sound level: 25.1%.
Thermal conductivity: 0.075 W/m°K.
Thermal Resistance: 0.027 m² ° K / W.
Specific weight: 550-650 Kg/m³.
Tensile strength: > 600 KPa.
Compression: fifteen%.
Recovery: > 90%.
Durability: Useful life of the building.