TC60 Viscoren Violet Ceiling Support

Viscoren anti-vibration support for the construction of acoustic ceilings in installations with TC60 ceiling profile.

Available in 2 heights, with one or two safety clicks.

Load capacity 5 - 20 Kg.

For high acoustic insulation capacity.

Más información

Technical details

  • Load capacity 5 - 20 Kg.

  • Resonance Frequency from 9 to 15 Hz.

Recommended use:
  • Acoustic ceilings with very light support loads .

Advantages offered by the material:
  • 100% recyclable material .

  • It combines very low resonance frequencies and good damping .

Advantages offered by the design of the piece:
  • Easy installation and assembly.

  • Extremely safe.

  • State-of-the-art technological design.